The Key to Using Fresh Skincare and Natural Preservatives

Where else can you find a face or body cream that has just been freshly batched and bottled??  Our online 'supermarket' of fresh personal care products is at your fingertips!  We encourage you to pamper your skin with FRESH skincare, just like you look to buy the freshest grocery produce at the supermarket.  

Our skincare is made fresh, but we want it to remain fresh and free of microbial activity for at least 6 months from opening.  Although many of our formulas can safely be used within a year or in some cases have a 2 year (unopened) shelf life, we do recommend using your product within 6 months of opening to harness the maximum benefits of any active ingredients.  And it is always best to store your fresh skincare in a cool place out of direct sunlight - just like you do with your food!

On preserving...The majority of our products with oil and water content are safely preserved for use with a triple preservative system of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Leucidal (botanical) and Cosmocil CQ (safe and gentle non-paraben), with the added protection of antioxidants Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract to slow down the oxidisation of any natural oils present.  

It's here! Since late 2015, look out for our newest and all natural preservative addition combo of Herbal Active™ and Leucidal, in products such as Purifying TonerSea Mineral Rescue Serum & Exfoliating Toner. You will see the gradual introduction of this powerful and totally natural preservative synergy in more of our products in the near future.

One more thing!  An important message for any natural products you might store in wet areas such as your shower!!! It is vital not to allow water entry into any of of these - as they WILL go off before you have finished using them! Especially any delicate facial products such as cleansers, exfoliators/scrubs, down to your shampoo, conditioner & body wash products.  Foamy pump products will also get clogged and stop working if water gets in the pump mechanism.

Best of all, our formulas are completely free of harmful sulphates, petro-chemicals, peg-compounds, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours and paraben preservatives.

So now, what's not to LOVE about fresh skincare!LOVE fresh skincare - iSHiKi-SKiN

  • February 19, 2016
  • iSHiKi-SKiN Admin

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