Are you using the right face moisturiser for your age?

With a plethora of face creams available on the market (including our own selection!), we often get asked 'what is the best face cream should I be using right now?'

When it comes to your face (and hands), well, it's what everyone sees the most of every day, so naturally, you want your skin to look its best!  As you age, switch up your skincare to more powerfully acting anti-ageing ingredients, but look for natural solutions, rather than 'lab-produced' & very over-priced synthetic 'wrinkle miracle' products.

Some very powerful anti-ageing natural ingredients to look for include:

R-Lipoic Acid (Active Wrinkle Fighter), Plant Stem Cells (Antioxidant Skin Cell Regenerators), Milk Thistle Oil (Skin cell support & Moisture Protector), Hyaluronic Acid (Skin Plumper), Vitamin A (Wrinkle fighter & Skin Smoother), Olive Squalane (Skin Antioxidant & Regenerator),  Rosehip Oil (Skin Regenerator), Sweet Almond Seed Extract (natural instant Skin Lifter peptide),  Vitamin B3 (Skin Brightener), Beet Sugar Extract (Skin Hydrator), Vitamin C (Wrinkle fighter & Skin Brightener), AHA fruit acids (Skin Renewers), MSM (Skin Regenerator, Wrinkle Fighter), Mangosteen Extract (Ultra antioxidant), Daisy Blossom Extract (Active Skin Lightener)

So here's our quick tips to find your 'perfect fit' face moisturiser for your age:

20s: Protect and Hydrate! A light hydrating lotion or gel moisturiser is generally sufficient whilst your skin still maintains its youthful freshness (unless you have very dry skin)
Face Lotion
Mineral Aloe Moisture Jel
Sea Mineral Rescue Serum

30s: Time to age proof your skin! Look for antioxidant protect to minimise long term or accelerated ageing factors, such as UV damage. With the onset of early signs of ageing such as changes in skin texture, wrinkles, dehydration, use a Vitamin C rich moisturiser.  These powerful antioxidants will help to slow down the absorption of UV free radicals that are known to cause skin damage, wrinkles and sunspots in later years.  
SkinGlo Refining Face Lotion
Skin Dew Facial Mist
Intense Beauty Daily Face Lotion
Hydra Active Face Serum

40s: Hormonal changes start to kick in, accelerating the signs of ageing and skin changes.  Look for antioxidants + peptides + Stem Cells + intensive moisture to help maintain a youthful, hydrated glow.  (Peptides are important protein messengers that help to signal the production of collagen to help maintain skin firmness and suppleness).
Intense Beauty Daily Face Cream
Face Creme
Sea Mineral Hydrating Face Milk
Intense Beauty Cell-Active Renewing Serum
Organic Skin Vitamin Serum


50s: Time to really target wrinkles, stimulate collagen and promote cellular turnover!  Look for natural AHAs (fruit acids) to accelerate exfoliation and cellular renewal + natural Vitamin A + Stem Cells for plumper, softer, smoother & brighter skin to defy the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 
MSM Renew Creme
Sea Mineral Night Creme
SkinGlo Refining Face Lotion
Day & Night Rose Face Creme
Intense Beauty Cell-Active Renewing Serum
Q-10 Nourishing Face Oil


60s & beyond: Alas, it's not so much about looking younger anymore, but maintaining a healthy glowing skin! Look for an intensive moisturiser that offers round the clock hydration and promotes skin plumping to lock in moisture and minimise the visible effects of skin atrophy (thinning) + cell renewing powers of Vitamin A & natural AHA's (the secret to skin glow), + any of the above mentioned super anti-ageing ingredients to deliver concentrated nourishment for a brighter, fresher complexion.
Day & Night Rose Face Creme
Intense Beauty Daily Face Creme
SkinGlo Refining Face Lotion
MSM Renew Creme
Intense Beauty Cell-Active Renewing Serum
Liposome Moisture Serum
SkinGlo 6-Serum


 TOP TIP! Wipe off any excess face moisturiser onto the tops of  your hands each time you moisturise (or better still, use extra) to avoid the age blowout giveaway!

One thing is for sure - our face moisturisers
are so incredibly versatile at any age!
Happy Shopping to find your 'Perfect Fit' Moisturiser!









  • July 29, 2019
  • iSHiKi-SKiN Admin

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