Parabens are a  common family of preservatives used in many personal skincare products, from leave on creams to shampoos and deoderants.  Since 2004, when the parabens debate began we were reassured they were safe to be products in low percentages without adverse affects. But NEW research studies have recently come to light, linking even low levels of parabens in women to birth defects and increased risk of breast cancer - and who knows what else.

Don't be fooled by big beauty companies - they will always deny the validity of any such claims to simply keep making profits and preserving their brand.

How many parabens do you absorb every day from your personal skin care??

We want to get harmful chemicals out of our bodies, our children and our world!


Paraben Free Australian Natural Skincare


  • July 22, 2016
  • iSHiKi-SKiN Admin

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