Earth Week 2020 - How Green is your Carbon Footprint?

April 22nd 2020 marks the 50th year of Earth Day, in support of being consciously aware and active for our actions, responsibilities and care of our planet.
More than ever we need to preserve and protect our Earth's natural beauty and ecosystems, by improving and maintaining our air quality, water and renewable energy.
With small everyday actions around our homes we can all contribute and aspire to ensuring we are doing our bit to preserve our planet.

As a local eco-friendly beauty brand, we can assist you in creating a clean, green beauty routine, with our sustainably sourced ingredients that are clean for your skin and the planet.  Improve your complexion AND your carbon footprint, with iSHiKi-SKiN products  - free from harsh sulphates, petro-chemicals, and other nasty synthetics that remain in the waters that get washed down the drains and into our waterways and into our ecosystems.  Imagine them also sitting on your skin after using them, which is not very skin-friendly!

Those exfoliating microbeads and glitter that the beauty industry uses in their fruity, sparkly, scrubby products are actually microplastics that leech into our ecosystems, wreaking havoc on our wildlife and marine life, forever.  

So while most of us are taking steps in the right direction, there's a lot more we can do, especially when it comes to our personal care routine.

Making the switch to Green Beauty has never been easier!

Giving you back a little Earth Beauty!
A bonus 10g Earth Clay Organic Masque &
15ml Pineapple Myrtle Hydrosol

is yours with every order during Earth Week.
Simply mix and you'll have two beautiful
Organic Mask Beauty Treatments!


  • April 22, 2020
  • iSHiKi-SKiN Admin

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