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One thing we all have in common and become obsessed about are our skin pores.
Few of us can claim to have flawless pores since we were children, however a consistent skincare routine with the right products can put you on the path to well behaving pores, resulting in a clearer, cleaner complexion.

What are pores?

Pores (otherwise known as pilosebaceous), are comprised of hair, hair follicle, muscle and sebaceous glands.  Sebaceous glands are connected to the hair follicle and as they deposit sebum on the hair, it travels to the skin surface along the hair shaft.  Sebum is useful to protect our skin, as it helps to 'waterproof' our skin and guard against moisture loss. 

However, for most of us, our sebaceous glands either produce too much or too little sebum, causing skin imbalances.  The activity of our sebaceous glands is greatly influenced by hormones, diet, skincare products and genetics.

Pore effects:

The most common effect of too much sebum landing in our pores are pimples and breakouts. This oily buildup, together with dead skin cells are our pores' number one enemy - this pore 'blockage' creates an environment with low oxygen and favours the growth of acne bacteria, manifesting on the skin as a blackhead (open to the air)  or a whitehead (closed by skin).

Adequate skin care can help to prevent and correct problem sebum buildup and its consequences and while it is most often young oily teenage skin that is affected (as hormones go into overdrive), sebum imbalances can occur right through adulthood - anyone who has a tendency to oily skin or oily T-zones have larger pores that are susceptible to sebum buildup and blockages.  Dry skin types have finer pores with less sebum buildup, yet also need to follow a correct skincare routine to address dryness/redness/flakiness that occurs.

Keeping your pores clean:

DO cleanse once or twice daily - using a soap & sulphate free cleanser to help dissolve daily buildup of dirt, oil, pollution & makeup.  

DO use an alcohol-free toner twice daily - to cleanse the skin of any remaining impurities and help close the pores.

DO aim to use a natural clay mask at least once a week to give your pores a deeper clean, draw out toxins and refine the skin for a clearer, balanced complexion.

DO use a moisturiser that is akin to your skin type - either a lightly hydrating gel on oily/acne prone skin or a light lotion on oily/combination skin.

So if you are concerned about clogged pores, large pores or improving your skincare condition or routine, then check here to find our highly recommended collection of suitable products, including our popular SkinClear & SkinGlo  for your everyday needs!  

'Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it' - Andy Warhol


  • March 04, 2020
  • iSHiKi-SKiN Admin

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