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Our Essential Oil products are of only the highest pure therapeutic grade so you can be rest assured of their quality, potency and effectiveness. 

Why do we use Essential Oils in skincare?
Pure plant essences not only give an amazing natural fragrance to your skincare, but contain powerful micronutrients that are readily absorbed by the body to give immediate and long term benefits.  Pure Essential Oils harness the absolute inner lifeforce that give plants their entire wellbeing - imagine how our body can synthesise these precious concentrated oils to our advantage! 
In skincare, we are talking about multiple antioxidants to improve and maintain a youthful complexion, clear skin, balanced skin, faster healing, relief from itching, redness, infections and other ailments, antibacterial and antifungal protection.  At the same time, our senses uptake the delightful aromas which also have a profound and immediate positive effect upon our emotional and energetic wellbeing.

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Perfume Body Spritz


  Create your own signature fragrance! LIMITED SUMMER EDITIONS! SUMMER ESSENCEBask in the energising carefree feeling that summer brings with this fresh, uplifting blend of  Lemon, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang  SUMMER SPLASHVibrant and heavenly sparkling citrus entangles with fruity sweet green aromas and a hint of wood.  A divine body blend of Orange, Pink Grapefruit, White Grape, Lime, Galbanum, Buchu Leaf  ...

Perfume Oil


Looking for something different?"I'm small, can be carried in even the smallest of purses and I smell delicious. What am I? A roll-on perfume." quoted from Cosmopolitan Now you can create your own signature fragrance!    Tantalise your senses with these gorgeous array of natural fragrances – great travel size for home, office, purse or pocket, so you can smell...

Aroma Kitchen Handwash


**Purify & refresh your hands, naturally!**A totally chemical-free solution for all your family, but especially the Chef in your kitchen! SOAP & SULPHATE FREE, pH balancedFormulated with antibacterial and deodorising Essential Oils this amazing liquid handwash not only smells great, but gently cleanses your skin with minimal foam, without harshness, dryness or nasty chemicals. Blended with the powerful action of antibacterial Essential...



**NEW RELEASE** NOW YOU CAN CARRY THE AROMA OF ESSENTIAL OILS WITH YOU! These neat little personal Aromatherapy Inhalers allow you to experience all the benefits of Essential Oils on the go - weightless, no mess, lasts for ages. Perfect for travelling, at work, in the car, in your pocket, drawer or handbag.  Just like having your own portable personal diffuser! Simply...


Perfume Balm

$15.00 $10.00

Now you can enhance your own signature fragrance with our all new Perfume Balm!  Tantalise your senses with these gorgeous array of natural fragrances – great travel size for home, office, purse or pocket, so you can smell awesome all day without irritating anyone's sensitive noses. This all natural skin-friendly balm glides on like silk without stickiness or greasiness, with...

Aroma Body Oil


**Fragrance your skin naturally** Moisture indulgence for very dry skin or during winter.  Ideal for sun-damaged, dehydrated skin in summer. This exquisitely fragranced body moisturiser is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non-staining blend of natural oils of Grapeseed, Fractionated Coconut & Jojoba & Essential oils. Best applied to damp skin after bathing in place of your regular moisturiser. Aroma Body Oil can...