Baby skin is very sensitive & deserves to be pampered, nourished and protected.

The iSHiKi-SKiN BABY range of natural & gentle products are free from mineral oils, all sulphates, chemicals, aerosols, parabens & synthetic fragrances. Our formulas are designed to soothe & protect delicate skin and hair, leaving baby feeling fresh and clean without dryness or irritation, available in scent free or a very mild blend of essential oils, suitable for baby.

Some blends include the unique addition of delicately scented New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil, as it is considered to be one of the most hypo-allergenic Lavender species, with extremely low levels of linalool and camphor, making it ideal to use in baby products.  

Your baby's skin is the most beautiful skin they get - don't damage it with chemical fragrant products - cherish it lovingly as nature intended, with iSHiKi-SKiN Baby.

Baby Antiseptic Surface & Air Spray


100% Pure & Natural An extra strong spray, highly antiseptic & deodorisng spray for those really strong odours & cleaning surfaces. Fresh, clean scent, perfectly safe for baby with no nasty chemicals. For surface cleaning, use on nappy bins, wiping down baby’s high chair, toys, change table/mats, etc. Use liberally as an air spray after changing dirty nappies, to eliminate...

Baby Body Lotion


Pure and natural skincare for baby. Use for daily body care, after bathing or instead of oil for a baby massage, to keep baby’s delicate skin soft & supple. A natural base lotion with organic Lavender Floral Water, and skin softening ingredients of Evening Primrose Oil, Marshmallow and Oats. Great for toddlers & bigger kids too! Size: 50ml, 125ml, 250ml...

Baby Massage Oil


100% Pure & Natural We all love to massage our babies with oil, so ditch the petroleum based version from the supermarket, and use this all natural oil blend. Fantastic for any dry cracked baby skin, leaves a very fine waxy coating to protect, heal and nourish. Certified Organic Camellia Oil & Australian cold pressed Jojoba Oil – simply perfect...

Baby Milky Way Body Cleanser


The ultimate natural baby cleanser, ideal for newborn skin. A creamy formula with a ‘barely there’ lather, yet still effectively cleanses and softens baby’s sensitive skin. **SOAP & SULPHATE FREE, pH neutral** This is a gorgeously soft and creamy non-foaming wash that you will love to wash your baby with. Choose from its pure appealing natural scent or delicately scented...

Baby Moisturiser


For daily use, soothes dry, cracked or chaffed delicate skin, leaving it soft & supple. A natural base cream to soothe and moisturise baby skin without harsh chemicals or fragrances. Perfect to use for newborn peeling, dry or cracked skin.Available in Fragrance Free or a delicate blend of Essential oils - with New Zealand Lavender oil for its uniquely low allergen...

Baby Organic Aloe Jel


Chemical free, fragrance free - pure & natural for baby. Ideal for hot conditions when baby suffers from prickly heat rash, itchy skin or skin irritations. Formulated with only natural ingredients to create a pure Aloe Vera Gel - gentle, cooling and soothing to baby skin. Keep in the fridge for an instant cooling application. Size: 50ml Ingredients: **Aloe Vera  (Aloe...