Sea Mineral Purifying Clay Masque

**Revitalise, Purify and Tone your skin from the Sea**

Versatile 3 way treatment - Detox, Cool, Hydrate

Sea Clay is extracted from the sea bed with mild exfoliant properties and a high mineral content which draws excess oils from the skin, and is rich in algaes, macro- and micro-minerals, as well as sodium and sulphur.  It has wonderful detoxifying capabilities plus it helps to tone and strengthen connective tissues - a must for all skins to use on a regular basis! Organic White clay & Horsetail (high in Silica)  further supply the skin with essential mineral nutrition. Colloidal Oatmeal is added to soften, moisturise and enhance skin barrier function.  Overall your skin will feel fresh, soft, hydrated and radiant after using this fabulous masque.

Suitable for all skin types.

This is a dry powder masque that requires the addition of a fluid medium for application. Treat your skin 3 ways!

'Detox' - great for all skin especially oily/combination/problem/mature. An amazing natural clay masque treatment with the power of Sea Minerals!  Help improve your skin texture, tone and clarity with regular use.  Simply mix with purified water, toner or hydrosol for a firming, drawing treatment that leaves your skin instantly softer. Use approx 1-2 tsp clay with 1-2tsp fluid, mix to a soft paste.  Allow to almost dry then sponge off after approx 10mins.  Follow with Toner and Moisturiser.
(iSHiKi recommends Organic Clear Skin Toner, Green Tea Toner, Purifying Toner)

'Cool' - ideal for inflamed/sensitive/problem skin.  Mix clay with pure Aloe Vera Jel for a super cooling masque to soothe any skin type/condition and soften whilst gently removing impurities - use chilled Aloe Vera for even greater skin relief.  This masque only semi-dries without tightness, ensuring comfort for your sensitive skin. Use approx 1tsp clay to 1 tsp gel and mix well.  Allow to absorb for approx 10 mins then sponge off. Follow with Toner and Moisturiser.
 (iSHiKi recommends Mineral Aloe Moisture Jel or Organic Skin Repair Jel)

'Hydrate' - recommended for dry/mature skin types. Mix clay with your regular face cream for a soft creamy masque that will infuse the skin with additional hydration whilst removing impurities. This masque only semi-dries without tightness, ensuring your skin experiences the benefits of clay minerals without dryness.  Use approx 1tsp clay to 1 tsp cream and mix well. Allow to absorb for approx 10 mins then sponge off. Follow with Toner and Moisturiser.
(iSHiKi recommends Face Creme, Sea Mineral Active Night Creme)

Size: 10g mini trial pot (approx 1-2 applications) or 40g (approx 6-8 masque treatments)

Ingredients: Sea Clay (Hydrous Alumina Silicate), *White Clay (Kaolin), Colloidal Oatmeal (Avena sativa), Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Extract (*organic)

Price: $5.00 - $16.00rrp