At iSHiKi-SKiN, we have so many wonderful products to choose from so you can vary your skincare routine on a seasonal basis - or not at all!  Our products supply your skin with what it needs - and nothing else.  Replenish your skin with natural ingredients - don't saturate it with unwanted chemicals and fillers found in most commercial products.


This is the ultimate AHA home beauty treatment!
Safe, natural and totally gentle to the skin, this potent blend of active fruit enzymes effectively remove old bits of skin that often hang around, even if you use an exfoliation scrub.  This gel mask works in minutes and does not draw or tighten the skin.  Mild tingling may occur (if you have sensitive skin), which is a sure sign the AHA's are doing their job - and is quite normal!  Be sure to patch test first if you are not sure!  You will love the the amazing soft skin feel and glow this peel imparts and makes the skin the perfect palette for better absorption of your face products, and applying your winter makeup colour!


White Tea & Rosehip Toner

If you are searching for an all round gentle fragrance free toner, then you can't go past this beauty!  Powered by precious Certified Organic antioxidants to purify and strengthen your skin, this sparkling ruby coloured toner can be used by all skin types, even the most sensitive.  Makes toning a pleasure for your skin!


Sea Mineral Face Care

   IMMERSE YOUR SKIN in the NOURISHMENT of the OCEAN, and NURTURE IT with all the GOODNESS of the SEA.

Inspired by pristine world heritage protected island waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Sea Mineral Skincare will harmonise your skin with the sea, because where there is water, there is life. Did you know our bodies are made up of more than 2/3 water?  From oceans abundant in nutrients, sea minerals contain powerful goodness to replenish and nourish your skin.

With our Sea Minerals new face care, you can enjoy 100% Complexion Confidence!


What skincare product is best suited for me?  
Not sure where to start??  

This quick reference guide will tell you at a glance what products you need to look for.  If you need guided assistance or have any questions, then please email us for some friendly advice at:







Enzyme Perfect Peel Gel Mask


**ALL NATURAL, MOST EFFECTIVE PEEL MASK** **Fruit Enzyme Power in a gentle gel formula for next to Perfect Skin!** This fabulous all natural AHA treatment contains a 15% blend of active Fruit Enzymes that are key exfoliators to offer a gentle yet effective peel, for the ultimate exfoliation.  Their natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid content works to actively loosen the glue-like...


Sea Mineral Face Pack

$106.50 $88.50

Our Sea Mineral Pack offers incredible value with all your face care needs taken care of! Now you can Cleanse, Tone, Purify, and Hydrate your skin every day and enjoy amazing skin benefits of Sea Minerals!Choose either Fragrance Free or with Essential Oils.Your Sea Mineral Pack includes the following: Sea Mineral Cleansing Face Milk Sea Mineral Purifying Clay Masque Sea Mineral...

White Tea & Rosehip Toner


Fragrance Free Antioxidant Toner**95.5% Certified Organic Ingredients**For all Skin Typeseven the most sensitive skins A unique formula with Certified Organic antioxidant infusion of Rosehips, Hibiscus Flowers, White Tea, Apple & Goji Berries to help purify, strengthen & soften your skin.  You will  love to use this gorgeous ruby red toner with the addition of natural sulphur and Vitamin B3 to calm, soothe...