From the sea life comes life...where there is water there is life.

Let your skin harness the unique rejuvenating benefits of the Sea.

Potent Sea Minerals are a natural cellular protectant, infusing your skin with their goodness to encourage healthy skin tissue repair and renewal and detoxifying your skin of what it doesn't need.  

Seawater contains almost the identical composition and balance of our own body's mineral levels and trace elements, such as zinc, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.  So it is the perfect medium to restore and replenish a natural mineral balance to our cells, which we need on a daily basis.  Topical application of sea minerals will help to correct cellular imbalances and optimise cell function - a key factor in keeping our skin looking young and healthy. 

Our Sea Minerals are totally pure and free of contaminants.  Sourced from both the Great Barrier Reef which is rich in both essential macro and trace minerals and an ancient North European seabed which contains a potent source of magnesium and mineral elements that no longer exist in ocean waters today. These natural mineral sea salts assist with the removal of excess sebum, making this range ideal for normal to combination, oily and problem skin types. Simultaneously, they also help to infuse mature skin types with pure mineral nutrients to combat the signs the ageing. 

The addition of natural marine extracts help to promote collagen and elastin of our skin tissues for improved suppleness and firmer skin. Sea plants and algae that have to adapt to tidal zones, weather extremes and exposure to UV rays, develop many 'skin like' qualities to maintain hydration levels and protect themselves. Their unique properties are assimilated into these extracts, which in turn can be assimilated by our skin, to boost hydration, antioxidant protection and supply valuable minerals and skin nutrients.


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Let your skin discover the beauty of the sea!


Sea Mineral Clarifying Toner


 **Purify & Revitalise with Sea Minerals & Aloe Vera** A totally refreshing clear toner that loves Normal-Combination-Oily and also beneficial for Problem skin.  Rich in natural sea minerals and nutrients blended into Certified Organic Aloe Vera.  Swiftly mops up excess sebum and oils to purify pores and remineralise the skin, helping to improve skin barrier function and balance.  Aloe Vera is both wonderfully cooling, calming and...


Sea Mineral Cleansing Face Milk

$39.00 $19.50

**Formulated with Sea Clay Minerals and Organic Coconut Oil to cleanse away skin impurities** Utilises the gentle cleansing properties of natural sea clay to wash away the day’s activities – sweat, oil, makeup.  This exceptionally light but creamy cleanser is enriched with organic coconut oil, shea butter and marine extracts to further cleanse and refresh the skin for another day.  Sea clay is...


Sea Mineral Face Pack

$106.50 $88.50

Our Sea Mineral Pack offers incredible value with all your face care needs taken care of! Now you can Cleanse, Tone, Purify, and Hydrate your skin every day and enjoy amazing skin benefits of Sea Minerals!Choose either Fragrance Free or with Essential Oils.Your Sea Mineral Pack includes the following: Sea Mineral Cleansing Face Milk Sea Mineral Purifying Clay Masque Sea Mineral...

Sea Mineral Hydrating Face Milk


**Super charge your skin with Sea Minerals** This fluid lotion has a summer light texture, yet is super nourishing to the skin with a highly emollient organic coconut oil and Shea Butter base.  Enriched with our very own Australian Great Barrier Reef Sea Minerals, Northern European Sea Minerals and Marine Extracts for a multitude of skin nutrients that will help...

Sea Mineral Night Creme


**Feed your skin while you sleep!**    Now part of our amazing 'Sea Mineral Collection', this creme is perfect for dry/mature skin types, enhanced with the addition of Australian minerals from the Great Barrier Reef, youth-restoring Resveratrol in a fresh Essential Oil blend to love! Beautifully rich and instantly absorbing, this nourishing crème is for nightly rejuvenation, to help maintain incredibly...

Sea Mineral Purifying Clay Masque


**Revitalise, Purify and Tone your skin from the Sea** Versatile 3 way treatment - Detox, Cool, Hydrate Sea Clay is extracted from the sea bed with mild exfoliant properties and a high mineral content which draws excess oils from the skin, and is rich in algaes, macro- and micro-minerals, as well as sodium and sulphur.  It has wonderful detoxifying capabilities plus it helps...