Teenage years are filled with change and their skin is no exception to this.

Hammered with growth, hormones, stress, diet, lacking essential vitamins & minerals, in short - Teenage Skin can be COMPLEX at the best of times.

Our advice!

Weather the skin storm with natural products where possible - storebought products may look cool, be readily available and affordable and promise miracle skin - but it's no secret that commercial Teen Skincare is laden with chemicals & synthetics that further disrupt the skin's natural oil balance. This creates a cycle that further impedes the nurturing and normalising of hormonal sensitive skin.

Our natural Teen solutions (especially SkinClear Active and SkinGlo Enzyme products) are formulated to assist with re-balancing over oily skin, soothing and improving acne conditions and providing real skin nourishment.  If you have oily/problem skin, then these products are also for you!
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For a refreshing approach to Teen Skincare, also check out our Sea Minerals Collection, created with natural sea minerals, that offer wonderful cleansing, balancing and hydration for young skin.

Be sure to check out our Blog link on how the use of Probiotics in topical skincare can improve and maintain a healthy skin balance for problem skin.

Going ZERO chemicals is COOL!
Discover what skin solutions you need right here so you can achieve healthier, cleaner looking skin, faster!



SkinGlo Enzyme Renewing Toner


**A fruity scented toning essence for dewy glowing skin** Infused with active fruit enzymes for daily toning, pore purification and gentle exfoliation to help purify, refresh and create a softer, brighter complexion in a base of cooling Aloe Vera - for pure skin refreshment! Our SkinGlo Enzyme Renewing Toner doubles as a gentle AHA & BHA exfoliator, to help loosen and peel away layers of...