The pure mineral pigments lay on top of the skin (not in the lines & wrinkles) to provide extraordinary coverage and amazing oil absorption for maximum shine control, while mica reflects light, giving a photogenic appearance. The minerals work with your skin's natural oils to make imperfections disappear instantly, without looking thick, cakey or dull. You get a luminous, natural & sheer, flawless look that lasts and lasts.

It is the perfect makeup to use for all skin types, including sensitive and problem skin. It does not clog pores or irritate skin.

Our mineral makeup is created from combining pure minerals of coloured micas, iron oxides, titanium dioxide (natural SPF30+ sunscreen) & zinc oxide from the earth and our minerals are completely free of nasty fillers, oils, perfumes, synthetic colours & preservatives.


                        100% Natural Products      Vegan Friendly      Cruelty Free     
Minerals do not need preserving, as they are inert substances and do not support bacteria, so powdered mineral makeup does not lose its freshness like other cosmetics!

Mineral Makeup stays fresh all day long, feels incredibly weightless – just like your normal skin - and is virtually waterproof .

A little mineral pigment goes a long way, so our pots are very economical to use.


Titanium Dioxide: This is a naturally occurring mineral that exists in the earth’s surfaces. It provides wonderful coverage for foundation as well as a non-irritating, waterproof & full-spectrum SPF properties.

Zinc oxide: known for its healing properties, ability to stay on through sweating & swimming, & offers natural sun protection from UV rays.

Mica: This is an age old cosmetic used as long ago as the Egyptians. It is an almost colorless mineral that occurs naturally in the Earth’s surface. Has transparent properties & allows the makeup to go on smoothly.

Iron Oxides: These minerals are what adds color to makeup. They are natural salts that have been oxidized in a water process.

Ultramarine Blue: A pigment coloring agent, required in some cool shades of makeup since there is no blue oxide.

Why use Titanium Dioxide and Zinc in mineral makeup?
Both of these minerals found in nature. Titanium Dioxide does not clog pores or cause the skin to dry out and both Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxides are anti-inflammatory, which will help to calm the irritation and redness, which is why this makeup is perfect for people with sensitive skin or post surgery. Titanium Dioxide is very effective at reflecting UV light and is ideal for use in sun protection products as it reflects and blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays. Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring white mineral compound, which has been thoroughly tested and approved for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics. Zinc Oxide, like Titanium Dioxide also occurs naturally in small quantities as the mineral 'Zincite'. It is a mild antiseptic and it absorbs the suns rays, preventing UV light from reaching the skin and again is ideal for use in mineral makeup to provide additional sun protection.

Mica is the name given to a group of naturally occurring minerals, which are mined, purified and then crushed into fine powders. The word "mica" actually means to glitter and shine!

Easy steps to creating the perfect mineral makeup application.


Start with a clean, moisturised face. Wait at least 10 minutes after moisturising before applying any powders to avoid clumping or uneven coverage of minerals.


Simply pat on some concealer powder to the problem area with the brush and blend in.

FOUNDATION To release the powder, turn the container upside down and right away turn it right side up again. (do not remove the sifter) You will have a small amount of powder left in the lid. Swirl your Kabuki Brush (or a flat top cosmetic brush) into it and tap the excess back in the pot. Apply in circular buffing, downward strokes. (this allows the fine hairs and pores of your skin to lay flat).
Always apply the minerals in a thin layer over the face. Two layers are usually sufficient – remember – less is more, when using mineral makeup. After a few minutes, the full illuminating, flawless, yet natural look of the minerals is evident.

TIP: Mineral micas are naturally hydrophobic – when you go swimming or have a good cry, simply renew your makeup with a gentle sponge or towel blot (don’t rub it) and most of your makeup will still remain intact!

MINERAL VEIL Apply in the same way as mineral foundation, using a kabuki or flat top brush.
Apply as a primer before foundation, including eyelids. This also aids in oil absorption – a must for controlling shiny patches on oily skins - and works as an eye base to hold your eye colours without creasing or wearing.
Apply mineral veil after applying mineral foundation to set your makeup for the day/night and to give a smooth, matte, finished and glowing complexion.
  TIP: If you want a very light coverage, simply use mineral veil as your face powder.
TIP: If you have very dry or lined skin, it is helpful to spritz with our Skin Dew Facial Spritz or after applying mineral makeup, to help soften lines and give a fresh look. You can also use a sponge or brush after misting to lightly smooth your makeup in a downward motion, to help minimise large pores.
TIP: To prevent mica eye colour fallout underneath your eyes, simply blob some mineral veil under your eyes before applying any colours. When your eye colours are completed, simply brush the powder off for a clean face!
MINERAL LIQUID FOUNDATION Available in your favourite powder shades, these all natural formulas are easy to apply and offer sheer, light reflective coverage, with natural pigments that help to even out your complexion for a fresh, natural look and are ideal for day wear. Simply dust the matching mineral powder and/or mineral veil over the top for evening wear or heavier coverage.
Remember – less is more!
The purest mineral makeup contains only pure minerals that give a matte finish.  Mineral makeup that contains Bismuth Oxychloride gives makeup a visible sheen, leaving a shimmery lusterous finish on your skin, but this particularly ingredient can often be a skin irritant, causing redness, itching or burning.

So if you have dry or mature skin you need to ‘wet set’ your makeup to achieve a more dewy finish.

Here are some tips to help you:

*Apply your regular face moisturiser, follow with our ‘Skin Dew’ Facial Spritz' – let dry or pat into skin for quicker absorption.

*The ‘Skin Dew Facial Spritz may help to fill in some of those fine lines and wrinkles.

For a quick and easy method that works well with dry or mature skin and gives extra coverage, spritz your brush with a little ‘Skin Dew’, dip brush into the minerals (tip some into the pot lid) and apply. Blend well. Spritz face again with ‘Skin Dew Facial Spritz’, press into the skin to aid absorption.

*Alternatively, after applying ‘Skin Dew’, apply mineral veil with your fingers. Push the powder into your skin using a dabbing/rolling motion. The heat from your fingers helps the powder to blend into your skin. Alternatively use a flat makeup brush to blend the veil into your skin.

*Apply your mineral foundation. Avoid ‘buffing’ the face too much with your foundation brush if your skin is overly dry – just blend in gently.

*To finish your look, apply another light dusting of mineral veil, followed by a spritz of ‘Skin Dew Facial Spritz’, OR simply spray over your foundation. Press into the skin to aid absorption.


If you have oily skin, then chances are you prefer a matt finish to get away from that moist, shiny look that dry skins envy! Our minerals do give a matte finish – however at certain times you may find that the minerals are not enough to absorb that oil that starts to shine through.

*Using a mineral veil as a primer and then to set your makeup may eliminate shine for a couple of hours (more or less, depending how oily you are). It certainly cuts down the shine factor or perspiration when it's humid - for some skins, this may be all you need.

*If oiliness is an ongoing issue, then you need to use our 'Mineral Matte Primer' – a translucent powder that absorbs excess oil and perspiration to eliminate shine and give a long lasting matte finish.

*Simply buff on as a primer on clean skin. (Why not try our 'Skin Dew' as a spray-on moisturiser) then apply your loose mineral foundation.

*To maintain a matte finish all through the day, apply another dusting of 'Mineral Matte Primer' over the top instead of mineral veil.

MINERAL BLUSHES Use a kabuki brush or flat top brush. Load your brush with powder and tap off the excess, as you do with foundation minerals. Use light, feathery strokes on the apple of your cheek (the fleshy part that protrudes when you smile) and brush upward and outwards along the cheekbone to your hairline.
  TIP! The ideal colour for cheeks mimics the flushed colour of the outdoors!
Liquid Eye Liner Wet an Angled Eye Liner Brush, and then dip into your chosen colour. Make a creamy paste with the mica and wet brush on the back of your hand or in the lid (OR: dip your brush first in the colour – be sparing!– and mix with one drop of water in the palm of your hand). Trace a thin line around the lash, staying as close to the lash as possible. The line dries to a beautiful satin finish and should stay fresh all day and evening. Once dried, your eye line can be left or smudged for a softer, more dramatic effect. If the colour dries before you are finished, simply dampen your brush again.

To fill in sparse or thinning brows or to add definition and colour, simply use your angle liner brush to lightly apply a matching colour to your brows. Remember to tap off the excess first. Finish off with mineral veil to set your look.

Eye Shadow Use your eye shadow brush. Dip into your chosen colour, tap off any excess as you only need a very SMALL amount and apply to your eyelids.
TIP: For a bolder or more dramatic look, dampen your brush before loading with colour.
Nail Polish Simply use clear nail polish and dip the brush of the nail varnish into the desired colour and paint onto nails (no base coat required and the minerals don’t stain the nail).
To create a favourite nail polish, simply add some minerals to a bottle of clear nail polish, shake well to mix.
Lip Liner

Use the same technique as the liquid eye liner, but use your lip liner brush.
You can also apply a clear balm first, then apply the powder to line your lips with your lip brush.

Lip Colour Apply an iSHiKi-SKiN lip gloss to lips, then dip your dry lip liner or eye liner brush into the mica and smooth over lips. Add more mica for a darker shade. Allow to set about 10 minutes, lightly blot if desired. The colour should remain fast till you wash it off. Reapply lip gloss over the top as needed to maintain a gloss look.
MINERAL BODY SHIMMERS Use your kabuki or flat top brush dipped in a little powder to lightly dust your shoulders, chest or back.

Simply brush over skin with your kabuki or flat top brush to lightly dust your shoulders, chest or back, lightly over cheeks, décolletage or arms.