....because natural matters!

A natural approach to skin care is the key to maintaining good skin health & a more radiant youthful appearance. 

Our naturally active ingredients are packed with skin nutrients which can effectively assist in enhancing & restoring skin texture, tone and firmness. 

We make no therapeutic claims on our products – simply, we use natural ingredients that are known to be active on the skin and dermal layers, providing essential nourishment our skin needs.  

Our ingredients are sourced wherever possible from Australian local growers, manufacturers & suppliers.

Our skincare is made fresh, but we want it to remain fresh and free of microbial activity for at least 6 months from opening.  Although many of our formulas can safely be used within a year or in some cases have a 2 year (unopened) shelf life, we do recommend using your product within 6 months of opening to harness the maximum benefits of any active ingredients.  And it is always best to store your fresh skincare in a cool place out of direct sunlight - just like we do with our food!

The majority of our products contain the latest in a broad spectrum all natural preservative combination using EcoCertified ingredients - Glyceryl Caprylate/Glyceryl Undecylenate - 100% naturally derived & renewable from mixed vegetable oils;  Propanediol (1,3-Propanediol), a 100% sourced natural ingredient bio-derived from corn.  (Do not confuse our Propanediol with the commonly used petroleum glycols, including 1,2 Propanediol (ie. propylene glycol!).

Products with 100% oil content  are safely protected with antioxidants Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract to slow down the oxidisation of any natural oils present.  

An important message for any natural products you might store in wet areas such as your shower!!! It is vital not to allow water entry into any of of these - as they WILL go off before you have finished using them! Especially any delicate facial products such as cleansers, exfoliators/scrubs, down to your shampoo, conditioner & body wash products.  Foamy pump products will also get clogged and stop working if water gets in the pump mechanism.

Best of all, our formulas are completely free of harmful sulphates, petro-chemicals, silicones, peg-compounds, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours and paraben preservatives.

labelling sealOur **Certified Organic labelled ingredients are classified as  'Australian Certified Organic'.

The 'BUD' logo represents Australia’s leading certification program – ACO - ensuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace for consumers.The 'BUD' is everything that Australian organics is about - the growth and promise of spring, the sign of big things growing from the initial organic movement, and the strength and logic of nature and natural (biological and organic) systems in guiding our choices in life. The BUD reassures consumers that all the product ingredients have been certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard and have met rigorous certification checks.
Our *Organic labelled ingredients are sourced from non-certified organic farms, sources or plantations, whereby no pesticides or chemicals are used in the development, harvesting or processing.

Our ^EcoCert approved labelled ingredients are approved by EcoCert (and often other certifying organisations) as safe for use in natural cosmetics.



Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis)  both Certified Organic & Organic sources - Aloe Vera is most beneficial in its natural state - either the clear gel from the plant itself or by using the pure leaf juice - as it retains many of its nutrients.  It is a great source of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, hydrates the skin, healing for wounds, burns & many skin conditions.   Aloe Vera creates a barrier against moisture loss & carries nutrients & moisture through the several layers of skin, whereas most skin care products only penetrate two layers. One of nature's best kept beauty secrets!

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – (R-Lipoic) plant derived, this is a stabilised form of this natural, powerful anti-oxidant. It is known for its amazing ability to reduce oxidation, eliminating free radicals.  Used in skincare, R-Lipoic can help to protect cells from oxidation and damage, reducing the signs of ageing, more so than other anti-oxidants, due to its unique water and fat soluble properties.   Other antioxidants are restricted to either the water or fat portion of the cells, whereas R-Lipoic is active in both and can cross any membrane in the body.  When combined with other antioxidants, it produces a synergistic effect to greatly improve their effectiveness. Produces a natural skin ‘glow’ & 'plumpness' - as it provides exceptional hydration benefits, refines both texture and fine lines and wrinkles, healing and regenerative. May be helpful in reducing inflamed skin conditions, such as acne, blemishes & roseacea.

Bamboo Powder – (Bambusu vulgaris) - extracted from the bamboo tabashi stems as a thick liquid, which then crystallises at room temperature to make a very rich and fine mineral salt, which is high in silica. Very fine micro-particles gently aid in the removal of superficial skin cells. 

Beeswax - virgin (unrefined Organic) Australia - Credited with having anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and skin protective & softening benefits. In cooler climatic conditions, it may create a firmer textured product, which is quite normal – once in contact with the skin it will soften up. 

Beet Sugar Extract (Beta vulgaris) - EcoCertified - Naturally derived from a renewable source of Beet Sugar, this clever ingredient (also known as Glycine Betaine) acts to maintain intracellular hydration (water levels) within skin cells and the hair shaft, restoring hydration and moisture back to the skin and hair. Unlike humectants that draw moisture from the environment, Beet sugar's high content of saccharides allows it to draw moisture from within, directly supporting skin/hair function and appearance.

Canola Plant Wax - (Behementrimonium Methosulfate) - A superior conditioning wax from Rapeseed oil that is super mild and skin friendly.  Makes the best hair conditioner formula, as it actually penetrates the hair shaft, not coat it, like most commercial conditioners.  It has amazing detangling capabilities on both wet and dry hair   and does not create buildup in the hair. Also wonderful in leave on skin products.

Caprylic, capric glucoside Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside - EcoCertified, a sugar based ultra-gentle surfactant, built from glucose and natural oils to solubilise vegetable and essential oils with water based sprays/solutions. Up to 95% RCI (renewable carbon index), making it an amazing 'green', eco-friendly ingredient!

Caprylhydroxamic Acid/Caprylyl glycol/Glycerine - naturally derived from coconuts, this is a broad spectrum natural preservative system that is effective and a totally non-toxic, safe paraben free alternative.

Cetearyl Olivate/Sorbitan Olivate - EcoCertified - natural emulsifier derived from 100% renewable sources of olive oil, also has amazing skin conditioning benefits. Extremely gentle ingredient for even the most sensitive skins. Imparts a soft silky smooth afterfeel and allows the skin to retain moisture.

Citric Acid - derived from citrus fruits.  It has astringent, exfoliating & antioxidant properties, acts as a pH adjuster & neutraliser. Note: not recommended for use  with chapped, cracked or inflamed skin as it can cause burning and redness.

Cocoa Butter – (Theobrama cacao) ACO Certified Organic: extracted from the Cacao tree, with a slight chocolate aroma.    A solid vegetable fat that melts on contact with the skin, highly emollient and softening to the skin. It is known for its ability to stay on the surface of the skin and help lock in moisture, especially where the skin is dry and chapped.  In cooler climatic conditions, it may create a firmer textured product, which is quite normal – once in contact with the skin it will soften up. 

Coco Betaine - (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) - an extremely mild and easily biodegradable cleanser derived from coconut oil.  It has natural and safe foaming qualities that gently clean without stripping away the natural oils.  It can promote manageability for hair.

Colloidal Silica - This is a great skin mineral to apply topically as the tiny micro particles help to enhance skin texture and suppleness, for a silky healthy feel and youthful glow.

Colloidal Silver - A pure mineral element from the earth, utilised for its incredible anti-bacterial & purifying properties. Used primarily in deodorants & some skincare, it helps to reduce & kill the bacteria that surrounds the sweat glands & causes odour or skin blemishes.

Emulsifier - a vegetable derived emulsifier made from coconut oil & almond oil fatty acids. Oil and water don't mix, so an emulsifier is needed to help blend them together.  Very gentle on the skin.  It is used to emulsify or disperse essential oils and/or vegetable oils in water based preparations, such as room or skin sprays, bath oils/blends. 

Glycerine, vegetable Organic - used in cosmetic applications as a humectant and emollient, helping the skin to retain moisture.  In  lip balms it adds extra gloss and keep lips moist.  It also helps improve the spreading qualities of creams.     

Glyceryl Caprylate/Glyceryl Undecylenate - EcoCertified -100% vegetable origin, non-petrochemical,  these are natural fatty acids from pure, renewable resources that provide broad spectrum protection against bacteria, yeast & mould.  Its natural emollient properties also impart additional moisture benefits.

Glyceryl Oleate – a natural emulsifier made from extracting vegetable fats from olive oil (oleic acid) and glycerine  

Green Tea – ACO Certified Organic  (Camellia synensis) a potent antioxidant with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cooling and gentle astringent qualities.    

Grapeseed Exfoliant - ACO Certified Organic (Vitis Vinifera Seed Powder) - Ultra fine ground grape seeds, suitable for use on all skin types, even sensitive.  Encourages cell renewal without tearing the skin, unlike scrubs with larger grains such as apricot or walnut.  Contains anti-oxidant properties.

Herbal Active™ - (Acacia gum, Essential Oils of Star Anise (Illicium verum), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) - Australian made natural preservative, 100% GMO free, non-allergenic.  Natural antimicrobial preservative made with a unique blend of steam distilled, CO2 and/or ethanol extractions of culinary herbs (spices).   Extremely effective against bacteria, mould. Has been approved for use in organic products by the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd.

Hyaluronic Acid  (Sodium Hyaluronate) - Vegan approved. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin, naturally found in the extracellular matrix of human tissue and needed for tissue repair. Topically applied, hyaluronic acid penetrates into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin. It is an amazing humectant, attracting and binding water to cells, enabling greater elasticity and resilience of the skin, thus giving a more youthful appearance. One of the beauty industry's most effective and biocompatible ingredients for tissue building, skin lubrication and protection, its unique wide range of molecular weights allow it to both penetrate the epidermal layers to hydrate and bind water to the skin, and to form a superior moisture film on the outer layers of the skin. 

Lauryl Glucoside - a gentle cleanser made from coconut Oil & palm sugar, extremely gentle to the skin  

Leucidal (Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment) - ECOcert approved as a new natural preservative in certified organic cosmetic formulations. Derived from radishes fermented with Leuconostoc kimchii, a lactic acid bacteria that has traditionally been used to make kimchi, this product consists of an isolated peptide that is secreted from the bacteria during the fermentation process that has been shown to have antimicrobial benefits as well as the ability to significantly increase the skin's moisture.

Liposomes - derived from pure soy bean phospholipids that closely resemble the skin in structure and composition.   Hence they have the ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin easily - effectively they can 'plump' up the cells to make skin appear smoother and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  They greatly increase hydration levels in the skin with a visible improvement in texture & glow as well as promote healthy sebaceous gland activity - important for a blemish free & balanced skin.  They are an excellent means of carrying 'active' ingredients into the skin, such as essential oils, vitamins, herbal extracts, etc.

Mango Butter – (Mangifera indica) obtained from the mango seed. This is a beautiful soft & luxurious emollient.   It is of a soft balm consistency, not a cream. In cooler climatic conditions, it may create a firmer textured product, which is quite normal – once in contact with the skin it will soften up.   

MSM Biological Sulphur (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) – a natural vegetable source of biological sulphur that occurs naturally in the body in small amounts.   This mineral has excellent detoxifying properties and also plays an important role in collagen synthesis.  It also increases oxygen absorption into the tissues, thereby accelerating healing processes.  In skincare it is  particularly beneficial for scar tissue, acne, pigmentation and general healing of inflamed skin conditions.

Oat Beta Glucan (Avena sativa) - sourced from the soluble fibre in whole oats. Excellent anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturising and film-former (locks in moisture) that can protect against UV radiation and stimulate collagen synthesis, making it a superior anti-ageing ingredient. 

Olive Squalene - "Liquid Gold" - a plant active that has a similar molecular structure to our skin, its biocompability allows for deep penetration into the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate. 

Plant gum(Xanthum Gum) a natural vegetable gum derived from corn, used to thicken, emulsify and add body to creams, lotions & gels.  

Plant Wax - Vegetable Emulsifier - 100% plant wax, completely non petrochemical, based on the combination of lauryl glucoside (from palm sugar) and Cetearyl Alcohol.  Simply used as a thickener and emulsifier for cream formulations which have a water/oil content.  

Polyglucose - (Decyl Glucoside) - one of the new generation non-ionic surfactants, created from renewable raw vegetable matter - fatty alcohols from coconut and glucose from corn. Used as a gentle foaming agent to cleanse the skin & hair, it has excellent skin compatibility, being safe and non-irritating to use on all skin types, including baby & sensitive. 

Propanediol - (1,3-Propanediol)EcoCertified, bio-derived from corn. THE 100% natural alternative to glycols (petrochemicals in skincare such as propylene glycol, butylene glycol). Offers outstanding emollient benefits, moisture binding activity, silkier application and enhances efficiency of preservatives for a totally skin friendly application.

Pumice powder -  fine powder granules obtained from volcanic rock which is high in minerals such as silica, iron, magnesium & oxygen.   Excellent for removing dead skin cells.  NOTE: Pumice can be abrasive, especially on dry, sensitive skin, so continuous or daily use is not recommended.    

Purified Water - (Aqua) - Ultra pure water, naturally purified to be totally free of chemicals, salt and bacteria.  Water is an essential component of many formulas so it must be absolutely pure and free of contamination to be skin friendly.

Rosehips, Wild – (Rosa canina) extracted from rosehips, which are rich in Vitamin C, containing valuable anti-oxidant & anti-septic properties. Excellent to use for mature skin or problem skin and may also help regulate sebum production. 

Rosehip Exfoliant - ACO Certified Organic (Rosa Canina Seed Powder) gentle to the skin, very fine grains that contain similar properties of Rosehips - hydrating, antioxidant and improves skin texture.

Rosemary Leaf Extract – (Rosmarinus officinalis) A natural antioxidant obtained from the rosemary leaf.  Used commonly as an natural preservative/antioxidant to delay rancidity (up to twice its normal shelf life) of the oil content of a natural product - ie. carrier oils, vegetable butters & essential oils. It is far more effective and potent than Wheatgerm Oil or Vitamin  E, while its antioxidant properties are also beneficial in anti-ageing products.  

Sclerotium Gum – created from a sugar medium via a fermentation process (a yeast called Sclerotium rolfsii).  The powder is then combined with purified water & grapefruit seed extract for use in skincare.  It is most suitable for all skin types and is used in cleansers, toners, masques or as thickener or emulsifier in lotions.  It contains natural skin smoothing and softening properties. It is totally non-toxic, non-allergenic and very hydrating to the skin.  Ideal topical formula choice for those suffering yeast intolerances.

Shea Butter – (Butyrospermum parkii) organic & ACO Certified organic;  A natural vegetable fat obtained from the fruit of the Karite tree.  Generally solid at room temperature, it melts on contact with the skin and provides wonderful emollient, skin softening and healing properties.  High in natural phytosterols, which help reduce inflammation, making it useful for dry or mature skin and inflamed conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, wounds and burns.   In cooler climatic conditions, it may create a firmer textured product, which is quite normal – once in contact with the skin it will soften up. Used in haircare, it is an ultra rich emollient that provides intense conditioning from cortex to cuticle.   

Sodium Hydroxy Methyl Glycinate – a plant based preservative derived from amino acids used in our shampoo base. 

Sodium Lactate - This is a 100% plant derived ingredient that naturally occurs on the skin to provide moisture and is moisture-binding ( a natural humectant).  As a humectant, it can be substituted for glycerine and stops both the product drying out and keeping moisture within the skin once the product is applied.  The GREAT benefit is that Sodium Lactate increases the skin's moisture levels for up to 4 hours after use and gives cosmetic formulations a silky velvety feel to the skin.  It is obtained from carbohydrates, such as beet sugar and the production process of fermenting is also natural.   

Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate & amphoacetate -  Sarcosinate surfactants are mild, biodegradable anionic surfactants derived from fatty acids and sarcosine (amino acid). NOT A SULPHATE & NOT BELONGING TO THE GROUP OF SODIUM LAURYL SURFACTANTS. 

Sorbitan Oleate Decylglucoside Crosspolymer - EcoCertified - Emulsifier, 100% biobased from raw materials (naturally derived), completely chemical and PEG-free.

Stevia - (Stevia rebaudiana) Leaf extract - liquid extract. A natural herb, more than 300 times sweeter than sugar, adds natural sweetness to lip balms, teas and foods. No calories and an excellent digestive remedy.  Helps to improve skin tone & reduce blemishes.   Useful in mouth/toothpaste preparations as it reduces the bacteria that creates plaque & tooth decay.

Tea tree Powder – (Melaleuca alternifolia) a very fine natural exfoliant with a distinctive Tea tree aroma. Produced from tea tree leaves, these fine non-abrasive particles help unblock pores, remove dirt & flaking skin.  Mild antibacterial properties make it useful for problem skin types.   

Wheat Protein - (Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (and) Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch) - naturally derived protein (amino acid) from wheat carbohydrates (oligosaccharides).  Used as a hydrating complex to add moisture balance and softness to skin & hair formulations.



Abyssinian Oil (Crambe Abyssinica Seed) - cold pressed.  A great skin penetrator, loaded with antioxidants, yet light in texture, colour and aroma. High in unsaturated fatty acids, it imparts shine & silkiness in hair products, emolliency and hydration in skincare, without heaviness or greasiness.

Sweet Almond, Sweet - Virgin  (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) Australian - Obtained from crushed sweet almonds.  A nourishing multi-purpose vegetable oil, very similar to olive oil in composition, highly emollient, containing vitamins & monosaturated fatty acids.   Penetrates quickly into the skin, especially helpful for itchy, dry, inflamed skin conditions. 

Apricot Kernel  - Virgin (Prunus armeniaca) Australian - extracted from the kernel of the Apricot. A very light, non-greasy oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin.  Rich in vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids, perfect for use for all skin types including dry, inflamed, sensitive & baby skin.

Argan, Virgin - (Argania Spinosa) Morocco ACO Certified Organic - extracted from the kernels of the prized Argan Tree. A powerhouse of skin nutrients - rich in Vitamin E, Carotenes, Essential Fatty Acids (Oleic & Linoleic) and antioxidants. Helps to boost skin barrier function with superb anti-ageing properties. Imparts shine and strength for healthy looking lusterous hair.

Camellia –  (Camellia oleifera) ACO Certified Organic; Obtained from camellia seeds. A light & quick penetrating oil, with strong anti-oxidant properties due to its high oleic acid content (an Essential Fatty acid that assists in maintaining normal function of the skin's barrier membrane, helping to prevent moisture loss).  A light, highly emollient and regenerative oil, useful for wrinkles, dry or sun damaged skin and hair.

Coconut  – Extra Virgin Organic (Cocos nucifera)  with a distinct fresh coconut aroma or ACO Certified Organic refined with no odour . Both types have excellent antioxidant, healing & emollient properties - a wonder beauty treatment for both skin and hair. A very stable oil, resistant to rancidity.  In cooler climatic conditions, it may create a firmer textured product, which is quite normal – once in contact with the skin it will soften up. 

Evening Primrose - Virgin (Oenothera biennis) Australian - Expressed from the plant. The oil contains a high amount of the essential fatty acid GLA, which is needed to maintain normal function of the skin's barrier membrane, helping to prevent moisture loss.  Beneficial for many skin conditions including dry flaky skin, eczema, psoriasis, inflamed or irritated skin.    

Hemp Seed - Virgin  (Cannabis Sativa) Australia - obtained from the Cannabis plant A rich source of Essential Fatty acids including Omega-3, Omega-6, GLA & Linoleic Acid. Wonderful to treat many skin conditions where the skin is inflamed or irritated or as an intense hair moisturising treatment.   

Jojoba – Virgin/ACO Certified Organic (Simmondsia chinensis) Australian - A natural extract from the nut of the Jojoba plant and is technically a liquid wax, not an oil, of a rich gold yellow colour. It is deeply nourishing to the skin and its composition is much like that of our own natural sebum, making it so compatible for use in all skin and haircare applications. It keeps the skin supple and can reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.  Fantastic for hand & nail care, as it penetrates deep into the nail bed to improve flexibility and prevent breakage or splitting.  In haircare, jojoba cleanses & stimulates the hair follicles and helps to loosen sebum buildup, which can clog the follicles, leading to dandruff.  As a bonus, it also dissolves residue from chemical hair products.  It has a light, non-greasy texture, with rapid penetration into the skin.  It has excellent keeping properties and seldom becomes rancid, unlike many other vegetable oils.  In cooler climatic conditions, it may create a firmer textured product, which is quite normal – once in contact with the skin it will soften up.

Macadamia  - Virgin/Organic (Macadamia integrifolia) Australian; Expressed from macadamia nuts.   A rich beautiful oil with a slightly nutty aroma. High in palmitoleic acid, that helps to maintain a soft supple skin – it is a natural component of our skin sebum and not found in any other plant oil - making it an ideal skin compatible oil, highly emollient for dry and mature skin with a slight sunscreen effect.  It is a good skin lubricant, ideal for massage and easily absorbed into the skin.  Palmitoleic acid also has an antioxidant effect on our skin cells. Babies & children have a high level of natural palmitoleic acid in their sebaceous glands, which is why they have such dewy soft & plump skin – as we age it almost disappears from our sebum.  

Meadowfoam Seed Oil- (Limnanthes alba) -An amazing oil that has rich hydrating & emollient properties, more so than any other oil for both skin and hair.

Oat CO2 Oil - (Avena Sativa) - A concentrated form of oil extracted from traditional Oats.  Add loads of nourishment to your skin and hair with this ingredient that has the  ability to deeply penetrate the skin to improve elasticity, emolliency and anti-oxidant protection.

Neem Seed Oil  (Azadirachta indica) organic; Cold pressed, triple filtered, Neem is a valuable oil, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Today, it is being used as a chemical free, environmentally safe, healing and insect repellent alternative.  It has incredible skin healing & moisturising properties & contains vitamin E, natural glycerine, amino acids & proteins that are great for skin and hair. Its strong antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, dermatological antiseptic properties help with healing and restoring the skin.   Neem seed strengthens keratin proteins - essential for hair & nails to support healthy growth.  Excellent for all skin and scalp conditions.

Peach Kernel - Virgin (Prunus persica)  Australian; - expressed from peach kernels. Calming & soothing, it is an excellent & fine textured oil, rich in vitamins & nutrients.  Especially useful for dry, sensitive or sun-damaged skin.   

Rosehip – ACO Certified Organic Virgin (Rosa rubinginosa/canina)  (from Chile) - This virgin Rosehip oil is obtained from an organic wild species of rose It is a lovely golden colour - rich in Essential Fatty Acids & Vitamin C - essential for skin regeneration.  Rosehip Oil naturally boosts collagen, increases skin elasticity and reduces the  appearance of lines & wrinkles.  Most suitable to use for all skin types, excellent to use around the delicate eye area, for scarring, premature ageing, dermatitis and pigmentation.     

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil - (Hippophae rhamnoides) - a powerful antioxidant & skin regenerating oil, with over 100 bioactive nutrients, including high content of Vitamins C and E, Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, flavonoids, beta-carotene and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.  Contains palmitoleic acid, which is a natural component of our skin for superior nourishment and moisturising benefits; the only other major plant source with this compound is macadamia oil.  Gives a silky texture and sheen to skin and hair.  

Sesame - Virgin (Sesamum indicum) Australian - Obtained from sesame seeds, this oil is rich in Vitamin E and most beneficial for dry skin conditions, massage blends, skincare and suntan lotions as its sunscreen effect blocks 30% of UV rays.   

Calendula – ACO Certified Organic Infused in Sunflower Oil.  (Calendula officinalis) A bright orange oil rich in beta-carotene. Excellent anti-inflammatory & healing properties.  Used in SKiN treatments for facial massage for dry, mature or general inflamed skin conditions such as skin rashes, eczema & venous conditions, such as varicose & thread veins. 

Carrot – ACO Certified Organic Infused in Sesame Oil.  (Daucus carota) A bright orange oil rich in beta-carotene.  Used in SKiN treatments for facial massage for its rejuvenating & emollient effects for dry, sensitive & mature skin. Also has anti-inflammatory properties useful for many skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, ulcers, wounds, etc.  

Centella - (Gotu Kola) An excellent rejuvenating oil used commonly in Ayurvedic medicine for its healing, anti-inflammatory & skin regeneration properties.  It speeds up the healing & reduces the inflammation of burns, wounds, ulcers, bites, eczema & similar skin conditions. It also has the ability to increase collagen production, making it useful for helping to reduce stretch marks & decrease the appearance of wrinkles.



These are natural pure products of the earth, rich in minerals and offering renowned health benefits.  The clays contain naturally occurring elements such as silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.

The basic principal behind all the clays is called ‘Osmatic Pressure’ – meaning particles will move from an area of high density to an area of low density.   Therefore when a clay with high absorption properties (like green or Zeolite Gold) is applied to oily/damp skin, as it dries, the moisture from the skin will  move into the clay, leaving the skin feeling softer and smoother.   Similarly, a clay with low absorption properties  (like pink or Zeolite Blue), will allow moisture to travel from the clay into the skin, leaving it fuller and firmer.

For hundreds of years, natural clays have been reputed to have renowned skin benefits - simply by replacing essential trace minerals and removing harmful toxins - to deeply cleanse, tone & revitalise the skin.  

Importantly, clay does not cause any skin allergies - just ensure you use the correct clay for your client’s skin type for best results.  ANY of the appropriate clay types can be used in your treatments.  

A simple tip to remember:  Dry skin benefits most from an acid pH under 7 (all Australian clays) and from a magnetite content (Zeolite Blue), which has the ability to encourage the skin cells to naturally product moisture.   In contrast, oily skin would benefit from an alkaline clay with a pH over 7.  European clays (such as Pink & Green Argiletz) tend to be alkaline, whilst the Zeolite minerals also benefit oily skin.  

Best of all, all clays in their powder form have a long shelf life and will last indefinitely if kept in a dry airtight container.  They are inert substances and therefore cannot support bacteria.  

Pink Argiletz Clay - An effective yet gentle clay for sensitive or normal skin types.  Renowned for its toning effects on the epidermis, use regularly to help firm skin tissues, particularly around the thighs, bust, stomach, upper arms. Leaves skin feeling soft and refined. Excellent for conditioning the hair & scalp, to add natural body & shine & control dandruff. 

Green Argiletz Clay - Suitable for oily, blemished or neglected skin.  This clay has the deepest drawing action of the clays, designed to cleanse, exfoliate, smooth and soften skin, whilst removing impurities.   

White Organic Australian Clay - A mild clay, suitable for all skin, especially sensitive.  Like traditional white clay, it has natural absorbent properties & helps to gently stimulate the circulation and is a mild skin cleanser and exfoliant.  Good for treating blackheads, pimples, blemishes AND wrinkles!   Excellent to use as a hair masque for treating both dry and greasy scalp disorders. 

Reef Red Organic Australian Clay - A high mineral content makes this clay ideal for dry, couperose or sensitive skin types.  It’s high iron oxide content gently acts to heal, repair & renew dull, tired skin and gently restore the skin back to a healthy glow. Beneficial for broken capillaries & bags under the eyes.    

Kaolin - (Kaolin) also referred to as white China clay.  It is a mild clay, gently exfoliating & excellent for sensitive skin. Has good absorbent properties for both water and oil, therefore is a great skin absorber of the oil and sweat secreted by the skin.  Helps to refine pores, clear up breakouts and its soothing properties are ideal for sensitive skin.  Acts as a gentle exfoliant, helping to stimulate circulation.

Mineral Mud – Australian
– Completely 100% pure natural mud – a combination of active mineral clays and mineral water rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium, silicon, sulphur & potassium.   It has much the same detoxifying and anti-bacterial benefits as green clay and is used in SPa body treatments. 


Zeolite minerals are the latest to hit the health & beauty spa market and Australia is one of only two countries using Zeolite minerals for health & beauty.  When combined with traditional clays, the Zeolites further enhance the clay’s activity and benefits, whilst improving the mixing consistency.  Zeolite minerals have a different crystalline structure to traditional clays, giving them unique properties and skin benefits.

Zeolite Gold  (Zeolite) – a pearly golden/pink mineral, mined in NSW Australia.  When blended with other clays, helps to increase/enhance their activity.  Zeolite minerals have amazing drawing & healing properties, to deep cleanse, remove toxins, reduce swelling & fluid retention.  Suitable for all skin types.

Zeolite Blue  (Kaolin, Zeolite & Magnetite) – a custom blend of Australian clays, mined in NSW.  Magnetite has been included for its wonderful soothing, healing & calming properties.  It also encourages the skin cells to naturally produce moisture. Suitable for all skin types, especially calming and soothing delicate, reddened or inflamed skin.  Zeolite Pink (Zeolite) – a very pale pink mineral mined in Queensland Australia.   When blended with other clays, helps to increase/enhance their activity.  Zeolite minerals have amazing drawing & healing properties, to deep cleanse, remove toxins, reduce swelling & fluid retention.  Suitable for all skin types.  Helps to balance the skin’s acid mantle and soothes irritated or itchy skins, reduces fluid retention in the body.



Vitamin A Palmitate – (Retinyl palmitate) - is far more stable and safe in formulations than Retinol (another popular form of Vitamin A). Helps to 'normalise' skin, reduce scaliness, providing anti-ageing and skin regeneration benefits.  It enables the skin to stay soft and plump to keep it clear, healthy and supple.  Its skin benefits are enhanced when used with Vitamin E and is used reputedly for healing burned skin areas, sun damaged skin, acne, skin disorders, even brittle nails.  It also works well in synergy with Vitamin D.  

Vitamin B3 (Niacinimide) - the cell energiser - essential for the synthesis of collagen and lipids to prevent moisture loss, this vitamin works to hold moisture in the skin, has anti-inflammatory benefits and stimulates circulation.  An excellent anti-ageing ingredient that aids in reduction of pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, increased skin elasticity and brightens skin tone.

Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) – (D-panthenol) Created from d-pantolactone, a raw material component found in honey, which is broken down by natural enzymes to create Panthenol.   When applied in topical preparations for skin, aftershave products, nails and hair, this vitamin appears to provide moisturising benefits, relief from sunburn and speeds wound healing.  Helps to reduce inflammation and promote supple skin.  Used in hair care preparations, is a natural humectant and conditioner to give extra shine, moisture and vitality to hair, strengthening the hair follicles, improves scalp disorders, thickens undamaged hair, reduces formation of split ends and repairs damaged hair.  A much more safe and long term solution to the synthetic silicon's used in hair care which only give the appearance of shine and healthy hair - but in fact long term will create the opposite. It also helps strengthen brittle nails by increasing the nail's water retention capacity - for better flexibility and stability.

Vitamin B6 - (Pyridoxine tripalmitate) Deficiencies of this vitamin may occur in people with toxic or allergic skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and can generally be seen in the wasting of the skin & excessive dryness due to loss of precious skin lipids.  This deficiency is also related to a defective fatty acid metabolism and can be corrected topically with the use of this vitamin, especially where oral doses of B6 have no effect.    Also good for treating pigmentation, such as cholasma in pregnancy. 

Vitamin E - (D-alpha-tocopherol acetate) - An oil soluble vitamin, used widely in topical use for its high antioxidant effects, (protects cell membranes from free radical damage) and general skin protective and deep epidermal moisturising benefits, as it slows water loss from the skin.  

Vitamin C - (Liposome encapsulated - Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), highly stable form of natural vitamin C, encapsulated to ensure a stable and targeted delivery to 'living' epidermal cells to provide powerful antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle benefits of moisture, a brighter skin tone and a smooth, supple skin, resulting in a youthful glow.



AHA Fruit Extracts  - (Saccharum officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract (and) Pyrus malus (Apple) Fruit Extract (and) Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract (and) Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract (and) Camellia oleifera Leaf Extract.) A concentrated blend of five botanical fruit extracts: Sugar Cane, Apple, Orange, Lemon & Camellia, which contain several naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids.  These AHA's are used to increase the rate of cell renewal, promoting a younger, smoother looking skin.  Suits all skin types.

Apple Fruit Extract – (pyrus malus) ACO Certified organic; contains natural AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) to gently exfoliate skin and keep it smooth.  Most beneficial against lines & wrinkles to help maintain a youthful complexion; adds extra moisture & nourishment to the skin and also regulates sebum.  Most suitable for dry and mature, ageing skin types.

Bilberry Fruit Extract – (Vaccinium myrtillus) ACO Certified Organic; known for its powerful antioxidant properties, making it useful in skincare & anti-ageing products, helps strengthen capillaries, (for coupe rose skin types) and also acts as an astringent, helping draw skin tissues together. 

Cranberry Fruit Extract - (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) ACO Certified Organic; A soothing and calming antioxidant extract, suitable for all skin types, to  nourish, moisturise and protect the skin from free radical damage.

Kiwi Fruit Extract (Actinida chinensis) ACO Certified Organic; Contains natural AHA & ascorbic acid, giving it effective ‘skin peeling’ and smoothing properties. Purifies and refreshes skin and as a high natural source of Vitamin C has strong antioxidant protection for the skin.  In hair care, helps to rejuvenate & protect against colour fade & damage.

Mangosteen Fruit Extract - (Garcinia mangostana) - contains a powerhouse of active antioxidants & vitamins, keeping free radicals at bay and promoting a more youthful complexion.

Papaya Fruit Extract -  (Carica papaya) ACO Certified Organic; Astringent, contains Vitamins A & C to help rejuvenate & repair skin and give it a natural 'lift'.  Contains the fruit enzyme 'papain' which dissolves excessive cell buildup. A natural exfoliant, excellent for balancing oily/combination/acne skin types, refining pores.  Helps to purify, cleanse, refresh & moisturise.

Passionflower Fruit Extract – (Passiflora incarnata) ACO Certified Organic;  great addition to skin care lotions, masks & creams to help calm and soothe, refresh & nourish all skin types. 

Pineapple Fruit Extract – (Ananas sativus) ACO Certified Organic; Astringent & purifying, excellent for use in face masks, peels and anti-ageing lotions to help remove dead skin cells and reveal softer smoother skin. Contains the fruit enzyme 'bromelain' which hydrolises proteins and 'digests' dead cells on the surface of the skin.



Mother of Pearl (Exfoliant) – Extremely fine powdered grains from mother of pearl of the sea - contain an active enzyme to make a gentle exfoliant and skin cleanser.  Helps reduce puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles, promotes a more glowing, radiant complexion.   Promotes efficient absorption of skin care products into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum effectiveness.  

Spirulina Extract - (Spirilina maxima) organic;  a blue green micro-algae with photo-protective properties, high content of antioxidants (beta carotene), helps to minimise/prevent free radical damage. Packed with nutrients, it contains 60% all-vegetable protein, GLA Essential fatty acid, vitamins, minerals & trace elements. Beneficial for hydrating, nourishing & moisturising the skin, also can aid in skin tissue regeneration.

Marine Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen) obtained from seaweed.   A natural vegetable alternative to the traditional animal derived collagens.  Marine collagen is an active protein source that helps to rebuild skin cells - for improving and repairing skin tone, texture and to help diminish the visible signs of wrinkles & ageing.  Our skin naturally produces collagen, helping to give it elasticity and youthfulness - as we age, collagen production decreases.



Agastache Mexicana Extract - amazing plant active that calms, soothes and reduces skin inflammation, redness & dryness. Helps to restore barrier function for a moisturised skin, enhanced skin radiance & even skin tone.

Allantoin - a natural active botanical derived from Comfrey and is a wonderful skin protectant. It promotes wound healing and tissue repair, softens the skin, is anti-inflammatory and promotes new cell growth when applied topically.

Bearberry Extract – (Arctostaphylos Uva ursi) ACO Certified Organicthe dried leaves are used for their highly astringent properties, skin-lightening, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. 

Boerhavia Root Diffusa Extract - a natural lightening active ingredient that promotes an even skin tone, helping to diminish hyper-pigmentation spots by up to 28%. Significantly shown to reduce skin sensitivity and redness by restoring tissue integrity.

Burdock Australian Organic & ACO Certified organic (Articum lappa) traditionally used to treat mild acne, bruises & inflammation.  It has antibacterial & anti fungal properties, which help keep the skin free of infections and helps to regulate sebum production. Helps to improve, promote & maintain a normal balanced skin. 

Black Willow Bark (salix nigra extract) - Particularly useful for acne prone skin, its strong antimicrobial properties have been shown to be active against the two main forms of skin flora that are found in the formation of acne. It is also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and increases cell renewal, thereby speeding up healing of the skin.   The extract is a natural form of salicylic acid, but far milder and non irritating than the chemical form, commonly used in commercial acne products.

Calendula Extract (Calendula officinalis) ACO Certified Organic; obtained from the calendula flower (also known as marigold).  Promotes healing, soothes itchy, inflamed skin. Excellent for all skin types, including sensitive and acneic skin.

Canadian Willowherb - (Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem)  excellent for those with problem skin, calms irritation, its anti-bacterial properties are active against some types of acne, helping to reduce redness and inflammation. 

Chamomile Extract – (Chamomila recutita) ACO Certified Organic; obtained from the flower heads. Known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.  Beneficial in any creams or lotions to soothe angry, allergic, itchy or blemished skin, including aftershaves, eye gels and dry skin/acne treatments.

Green Coffee Seed Extract (coffea arabica) ACO Certified Organic - a strong coloured & aromatic extract from coffee beans.  Tonic & astringent for oily skin, with antioxidant, smoothing and regenerating effects for both mature skin and dry/damaged hair.   

Comfrey Extract – (Symphytum officinale) organic; taken from the roots and leaves.   Natural source of allantoin stimulates cell production and promotes healing for all sorts of skin problems including cuts, bruises, blemishes, itching, sunburn, minimises scar tissue.  Credited with good emollient, soothing, antiseptic, astringent & anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cucumber Extract (Cucumis sativus) ACO Certified OrganicHigh in minerals, especially silica and amino acids which help strengthen the skin's acid mantle & connective tissue.    Popular for use in eye gels, aftershaves, sun creams & oily skin.  Refreshing and tightening for tired, stressed skin.  Helps the skin retain and regulate moisture. 

Dandelion Leaf – Australian organic. (Taraxacum officinale) Excellent for dry skin, makes a refreshing skin tonic and corrects pH balance.   

Ginseng Extract (Panax ginseng) ACO Certified Organic; Extracted from the root.  Known for its skin rejuvenating effects, increasing blood supply, suppleness & elasticity, helping to reduce and minimise the appearance of lines & wrinkles.   Also valuable in hair products to stimulate blood supply to the scalp/hair follicle, strengthens and promotes healthy hair.  

Gingko - (Gingko biloba) ACO Certified Organic; Stimulates blood flow & increases oxygen flow to skin cells.  Excellent for couperose conditions (dilates blood vessels), with strong antioxidant properties, protecting the skin against free radicals.  Regulates sebum. 

Grape Seed Extract (Vitus Vinifera) Utilised for its excellent anti-oxidant properties, due to its natural Vitamin C content. 

Green Tea Extract – (Camellia Synensis) ACO Certified Organic; has powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties.  A valuable addition to any skin care product to help protect against ageing, sun and environmental damage.  In hair care, tones and protects the scalp, excellent for use in treating oily hair, dandruff & deodorising the scalp. 

Horse Chestnut Extract - (Aesculus hippocastanum) ACO Certified Organic; extracted from the seed of the chestnut tree. Promotes circulation & helps to normalise circulatory disorders, as in for couperose conditions for fragile or broken capillaries. Has good tonic & astringent properties.

Hibiscus Extract – (Hibiscus sp.) Ecocert organic; obtained from many different varieties of hibiscus flowers that have antioxidant benefits in maintaining the skin's elastin, to keep it supple and toned.  Hibiscus is dubbed the 'botox plant' - its natural AHA's break down dead skin to promote a fresher, smoother complexion.  Credited with highly moisturising, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, refreshing & astringent properties.  

Licorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root) ACO Certified Organic - renowned for its gentle skin brightening, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to fade pigmentation and sun damage. 

Marshmallow Extract - (Althaea officinalis) ACO Certified Organic;  Extracted from the root of the plant. Renowned for its soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory & emollient properties for dry, mature and sensitive skin, also helps control oily skin.  An excellent skin hydrator with a noticeable skin softening effect. It also has antioxidant properties and helps to even out skin tone & reduce pigmentation. 

Nettle Extract  (Urtica dioica) ACO Certified organic;   Known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent & healing skin properties with a high content of Vitamin E, giving it good anti-oxidant properties.  Excellent for cleansing oily skin. In hair care helps to reduce scalp irritation, nourish the scalp and hair follicles, remove loose dandruff.  Stimulates circulation helping to promote lustre & healthy hair growth.

Oat Extract - (Avena sativa) - Perfect for sensitive or dry, flaky skins with natural soothing, healing properties to calm inflammation or irritation and boosting moisture levels of the skin and scalp.

Oat Meal Extract - (Avena sativa) - GMO free, obtained from oats grown on Scandanavian farms using sustainable farming practices.  100% natural oatmeal extract contains skin equivalent lipids and ceramides that boost moisture and impart a smooth, silky finish. Particularly soothing on dry, sensitive, inflamed skin.

Olive Leaf Extract – (Olea europaea) ACO Certified Organic; Extracted from the olive leaves, an excellent anti-oxidant, helps to improve skin hydration, elasticity with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.  

Pomegranate Extract (Punica granatum linn),  ACO Certified Organic - another very powerful anti-oxidant herb, that imparts long lasting hydration & plumpness to the skin, thereby helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing, & combating free radicals in the skin.  Research has demonstrated it to promote a moderate thickening of the epidermis & maintaining healthy cell structure, increasing their life span.   This serves to help strengthen the cell network & connective tissues, supporting the fibroblasts in the dermis, which produce collagen & elastin.

Red Clover – Australian Organic (Trifolium pratense) Beneficial for acne, inflamed skin conditions.  

Rosemary Extract – (Rosmarinus officinalis)ACO Certified Organic; Extracted from the leaf. Stimulates circulation which helps promote skin regeneration & healing, with good deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. 

White Tea - (Camellia sinensis) ACO Certified Organic; A more powerful antioxidant than Green Tea, its properties protect the skin from ageing and damaging effects from the sun, helping to minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Floral Waters are derived from the steam distillation of Essential Oils and do not contain any additives, preservatives, additional fragrances or alcohol.  They contain soothing water-soluble components, including small amounts of essential oil and have much versatility in natural skin care, being used for facial tonics, aftershaves, hair & body spritzes, facial masks and more.  

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Cucumber Fruit Water is the natural steam distillation from Cucumber fruit with a crisp fresh aroma.  It makes a refreshing facial tonic addition for all skin types. Smells just like fresh cucumbers!  

Lavender –  organic  (Lavendula angustifolia) Lavender water is calming, hydrating & rejuvenating to all skin types. Good for mildly blemished skin.  

Neroli/Orange Blossom – organic (Citrus aurantium) Orange water softens & soothes the skin, rejuvenating & uplifting.  Good for normal & combination skin types, slightly astringent to help balance skin.

Rose Damask – Organic (Rosa otto) The delicate fragrance of rose is refreshing and cooling to the skin.  Excellent for toning and for use on all skin types, especially sensitive, inflamed, dry, dehydrated, coupe rose & mature skins.  

Chamomile - ACO Certified Organic - (Matricaria recutita ) A delightful aromatic hydrosol, that is calming, soothing and ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive, allergic, hot or itchy skin.


Our Essential Oil products are of only the highest pure therapeutic grade so you can be rest assured of their quality, potency and effectiveness. 

Why do we use Essential Oils in skincare?
Pure plant essences not only give an amazing natural fragrance to your skincare, but contain powerful micronutrients that are readily absorbed by the body to give immediate and long term benefits. 

Pure Essential Oils harness the absolute inner lifeforce that give plants their entire wellbeing - imagine how our body can synthesise these precious concentrated oils to our advantage! 

In skincare, we are talking about multiple antioxidants to improve and maintain a youthful complexion, clear skin, balanced skin, faster healing, relief from itching, redness, infections and other ailments, antibacterial and antifungal protection.  At the same time, our senses uptake the delightful aromas which also have a profound and immediate positive effect upon our emotional and energetic wellbeing.

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