**Stunning natural makeup Colours!**


Stunning matte colour shades that reflect the magnificent colours and beauty of the Australian landscape and our unique flora, offering versatility and long lasting glide on colour.

Application: Can be applied wet or dry. Use dry as a neutral eye base colour or apply wet to create a bolder colour or eyeliner.

Some are ideal to use for a blush, lip colour, or nail colour.


Arctic - Ideal for both young and mature skin as the minerals sit on the top, without settling into skin lines, to lift and brighten the eye area.
EYES: Use as a fab highlighter or brush over other mineral colours to soften or lighten the shade. Use wet as an eyeliner or just a touch under the brows to open up the eye area.
LIPS: Pop over the top of clear lip gloss for a pale lip look – stunning!
NAILS: Use over clear nail polish for a French manicure look.
Mushroom - A neutral light beige that goes with most shades, use for eyes, lips or nails, can be used as a neutral eye base
Paperbark - A light coffee shade, so easy to wear, for eyes, lips or nails, great to use alone or as a neutral eye base
Oyster - A pale shade of lavender that looks neutral, light and fabulous on most skins
Olive - True earth and green hues that can be blended softly or used wet as a stronger eyeliner or shade for any occasion.
Eucalypt - A camouflage shade of green and brown hues, to be blended softly as a natural shade or used wet as a bolder eye colour statement.
Earth Brown - A universal brown, rich in hues, to be worn subtly as an eye shadow or used wet with more definition to create eyeliner or smoky eyes. Great as a winter nail colour. 
Bare - A neutral pink-beige with a subtle hint of bronze, perfect to use as an eye base for other colours or use on its own to create a ‘no makeup’ look for a very natural fresh look! Best on light to medium skin tones.
Beachwood - A super medium matte brown, can be worn on its own or blended with other minerals. Simply brush lightly over brows to make a fantastic natural eyebrow filler, instead of using a pencil.
Blue Gum - Stunning matte grey, blend with drop of water to create a natural eyeliner as an alternative to black.
Oakwood - Versatile medium matte brown, ideal for naturally defining eye beauty.
Amethyst - Gentle mauve Lavender matte tones, gorgeous for all occasions.

Size: 1g net wgt, 5g volume

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Serecite, Mica, Iron Oxides, may contain Silica, Ultramarine blue

Price: $12.95

Shades depicted are a photographic representation – the actual shades are truer and more stunning in life according to descriptions, as the pigments are light reflective.