100% PURE MINERALS with natural SPF15+ protection

Save $$ on selected high quality 100% natural mineral foundations, only while stocks last!

 100% Natural Makeup
Made in Australia
Cruelty free
Free from petrochemicals, fillers, fragrances, nano-particles.

For full application tips, read our handy guide here


**11 shades to choose from!**  

Our pure mineral powder foundations are hand blended in Australia to produce a silky light blend of natural minerals that give you superior light-reflective coverage and staying power. They are the purest, most natural-looking form of foundations that never go ‘off’, with no added chemical nasties or additives whatsoever – just pure blended minerals of the earth.

Our mineral foundations contain a natural SPF15 factor – but we do advise that you still apply a regular sunscreen for maximum UV protection.

For best results, apply loose mineral foundation with a soft kabuki brush or large foundation brush.

INGREDIENTS: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron oxides, may contain zinc oxide and ultramarine blue.

SIZE: 10g pot with sifter.  Once your pot is empty, why not purchase an Eco Refill and save 10%! A plastic free sachet to top up your jar, save $$ AND save plastic!  Plus free shipping is available on Eco Refills (please note, this will be a non-trackable item)

PRICE: 10g net weight (30g volume) - $30.00rrp each



* If you are not sure if your skin has yellow or pink undertones, simply select a neutral shade in either the light or medium range accordingly.

* For very pink skin tones, it would be best to choose a neutral shade in the light or medium range. This will avoid adding too much pink to your skin.


IVORY ROSE – for the palest ivory skins with slight pink undertones – eg. pale English complexions (ALMOST GONE!)
IVORY CREAM – for very pale and creamy skin with light yellow undertones – eg. Pale Irish complexions (ALMOST GONE!)
ALMOND BEIGE – a light shade with yellow undertones for light olive skin. Suits some very light Asian complexions (SOLD OUT)
PRALINE – For light to medium complexions with strong pink skin undertones
BARELY BEIGE - a neutral shade for light skin with neutral/yellow tones. (SOLD OUT)
WARM BEIGE - A popular shade for most light-medium Caucasian skin tones that looks very natural on. Its creamy, matt texture offers superior coverage, ideal for calming inflammation, irritation or redness in the skin. (SOLD OUT)
DEEP BEIGE - A neutral beige for medium to dark complexions. Suits pink, yellow and neutral skin tones that need a shade darker than medium. Great for Mediterranean skin colours. (ALMOST GONE!)
AUSSIE GIRL - for medium skins with pink undertones that tan easily in summer. (LIMITED STOCK!)
WARM BRONZE – a bronze shade for complexions with strong pink undertones. This warm bronze base with red undertones is great for freshly tanned summer skin or pink based complexions that need a shade darker than medium.
OLIVE BRONZE – for complexions with strong yellow undertones. Suits deeply tanned or deep olive skins eg. Some Mediterranean skin types.
GOLDEN BRONZE – for deeply tanned skin with bronze tones, blends well with spray tan colours.
CARAMEL – gorgeous colour for well tanned or darker skin tones, with deep caramel and red undertones. (ALMOST GONE!)
CHAI – a beautiful shade for classic medium-dark skins. Accentuates the undertones in the skin whilst evening out the complexion. (ALMOST GONE!)

Discover our great companion product "Skin Dew Facial Mist" for unrivalled moisture setting with mineral makeup powders!  If you have a drier/mature skin type, you can both hydrate your skin and set your makeup at the same time!  Simply spritz over the top of your mineral foundation to re-hydrate or correct a dry/flaky look.  To minimise large pores, use a makeup sponge or brush to lightly smooth your makeup in a downward motion after spritzing.  TOP TIP: Mix a drop or two of Skin Dew Facial Mist in the lid of your mineral foundation powder for a wet application for medium to full coverage.


If you prefer a mineral foundation with a little extra coverage, we have 4 Mineral Concealer/Foundation shades available.

Zinc oxide is added to the concealer base for extra coverage and concealing of spots, redness, blemishes, under eye shadows and bruises. Zinc is also known to promote healing and soothes areas of redness, blemishes or irritation.

NOTE:  *Zinc Oxide is only in Barely Beige, Warm Beige, Aussie Girl, Caramel & Chai shades.

Note: The Colour Shades depicted are a photographic representation – the actual shades are truer in life according to descriptions, as the pigments are light reflective. 




**I really like the quality of your products. When I'm finished my current foundation I think I'll definitely be ordering some from you ~ It's so fine and really good on the skin. Thank you once again for sending me these samples!**


**Well, thanks for the info and advice again and I must also say, that Ishiki is probably one of the best blends of foundation I have tried so far in mineral makeup - I have Physician's Formula ecominerals and that is okay but I wanted to try something else, I have also got Innoxa which I haven't even opened yet, have tried JR Minerals but the blend is much coarser although quite cheap.  I have concluded that sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you really have to shop around.  Ishiki has very good quality mineral foundation (powder) as far as I am concerned and I would probably trust your other products on this basis and also on the fact that you are willing to let people try it and give advice.**


**...Thanks for customising a mineral foundation for me - now my skin glows without heavy makeup - the liquid is great for everyday, and for extra long wear or special days I pop some powder on top...and it all feel so light....and looks flawless...and the colour is perfect too!...**