Stunning multi-dimensional shimmer colour shades that reflect the magnificent colours and beauty of the Australian landscape and our unique flora.

This makeup offers versatility and long lasting glide on colour.

Application: Can be applied wet or dry. Use a firm eye shadow brush to apply dry for a subtle eye base colour or wet to create a bolder colour or eyeliner. Use an angle-liner brush to achieve a perfect thin or thick line.

Most colours are multi-functional and are ideal to use for a blush, lip colour, or nail colour.


Beach Glow - A gorgeous champagne neutral sandy shade with a gold sparkle that suits all skin shades and lifts tired eyes. Also apply under brows to open up the eye area. Create a stunning look by applying with a damp brush. Pure summer bling for lips or nails.
Pink Opal - A beautiful pale pink shade – great for blondes - with a slight hint of mauve for eyes, lips or nails. Also apply under brows to open up the eye area. 
Desert Sky - A versatile shade to suit all skins – a chameleon of pink, brown and subtle terracotta. Fabulous for eyes or lip colour, beautiful blush or nails.
Urban Beige -  A superb pale beige shade with a hint of pink – so chic! Use under brows to give an instant eye lift! Wear it everyday on your eyes and cheeks or for ever so pale lips!
Wild Plum
- Rich plum & red wine tones for eyes, as a subtle blush or for nails & lips. A stunning eyeliner for green eyes.
Sundew - A beautiful light baby pink. Perfect as a nude pink eye base or over lips for a pale nude pink effect, as a gentle blush or stroked over clear nail polish.

Callistemon Pink - Just like an Aussie pink bottlebrush flower! A gorgeous medium pink, almost red luminous shade. Use subtly for eyes, add a rosy glow to cheeks or nails.
Maple - A most popular shade for eyes, cheeks lips or nails. Soft brown and beige shimmer with hints of pink – stunning!
City Glamour - Silvery shimmer that blends to translucent. Use alone for fantastic highlights or simply layer over other colours for extra shimmer. Use for eyes, lips or nails or as an all over body shimmer.
Indigo Sky - Create stunning eyes with this irresistible plum purple. Blend well to achieve a smoky look, stunning for green eyes, or apply wet with an angle liner brush for a dramatic evening look. Gorgeous for lips, cheeks or nails too!
Gumnut - A medium brown with pink undertones – gorgeous! Great for eyes, cheeks, over lips or nails.
Pink Dawn - Add a subtle rosy pink hue to eyes, cheeks, lips or nails – gorgeous! Blends perfectly with browns or try silver or black for a stunning party look.
Outback - A rich and vibrant earth clay colour produces a stunning effect, hints of deep red, terracotta & earth. Great for eyes or blush, lips or nails.
Copper Dust - Hot shades of autumn leaves in brilliant copper shimmer – a stunning colour – dare to be bold – or add just a hint for a subtle bronze glimmer. Suitable for eyes, cheeks, lips & nails.
Embers - Almost matt black with just a hint of shimmer, makes a fantastic natural black eyeliner or smudge it for a sultry evening look. Safe for lips – simply use over clear lip gloss or add dark mystery to nails.
Jarrah - A gorgeous sunny tan shade with a subtle hint of bronze, apply dry for a fresh sun glow or use wet to create a stunning effect. Best results on medium, olive or tanned skins.
Native Lime - Soft lime sage green shimmer that is bold when applied wet, stunning for eyes or nails.
Grey Gum - Fabulous natural stoney medium-dark grey, becoming a deep taupe grey when applied wet. Use for eyes or nails.
Avalon Blue - Beautiful summer blue shimmer, looks metallic when applied wet for eyes and nails.
Iced Bronze - Perfect for neutral highlights, this shimmery coffee like shade has hints of bronze and gold to add a real wow factor, on its own or mixed with hues of matt browns, greens or pinks.
Rainforest - Enhance your look with vivacious jungle green, blends beautifully with any neutral earthy browns  or stunning with Urban Beige, Beach Sands.

Size: 1g net wgt, 5g volume

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Serecite, Mica, Iron Oxides, may contain Ultramarine blue

Price: $12.95

Shades depicted are a photographic representation – the actual shades are truer in life according to descriptions, as the pigments are light reflective.