We are passionate about giving you great skincare and love to pop in samples with your order, so now you can choose which SKIN SHOT samples you would like to try - with our compliments!

Our SKIN SHOTS will enhance your skincare routine, giving you an extra treat to use towards your daily care.  Plus it's a great way to try out new products before you buy and ascertain their compatibility with your skin, or simply get an extra shot of your favourite products! Our SKIN SHOTS are packaged in either handy ziplock pouches, small pots or mini spray/lotion bottles.

Orders under $50 - select 2 samples

Orders over $50 - select 3 samples

Orders over $100 - select 4 samples

Simply select your choice from our currently available SKIN SHOTS and add to your shopping cart before you finalise your order - it's that easy!  

Which SKIN SHOTS will you choose???